Monday, May 22, 2006


We have been tormented all day today, (Karaoke) I think it may be peculiar to the Philippines that if you can not sing, then rent a videoke/karaoke machine and crank it all the way up and let the whole neighborhood know of your inability. I really get a kick out of it usually, I do love the Philippino, but I guess it is a vice that I sometimes indulge by watching a fellow in a public place sing his heart out and sound soooooo bad! Once while we were walking through a mall, this large guy had the microphone and was grooving in front of the videoke machine and singing horribly (highly amplified of course) and I chose to walk on that side of the walkway to see who would do that to themselves. It is so important to them, that if you go to a little village, where they may not have a doctor, they may not have a real toilet, they may not have their own water and plumbing, but you can see a little 6ft by 6ft building, or maybe a tent, that has a karaoke machine and the volume is always cranked up (Especially if you can’t carry a tune.) Today, after a whole day of this loud music I wondered if the suicide method Hari-Kari originated from the word Karaoke!

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