Thursday, May 18, 2006

I am Suki!

No, I didn’t change my name or sex, but Suki is a term used for a faithful customer. If you go to the local sari-sari store (tiny mom and pop snack shop) daily to buy eggs or a candy bar, they might say to you “Babalik Suki!” (Return suki (Oh faithful customer!)), but alas, I am suki to the wrong people. I had shared that I had gotten a flat tire recently and had it fixed, that was the beginning of a total of four flat tires in less than 2 weeks! I am Suki to the tire repair shop!
My wife and I really do appreciate our car. We bought it from a recommended mechanic who had fixed it and painted it and even gave us a three month labor warranty. I have taken it back many times to have things fixed in the short time that we have owned it. Three times for the windows, once for the headlight, once for the Air conditioning, once for the back up lights, once for various sounds emanating from the vehicle and then last week…The car was having a hard time starting and also some sort of fuel-engine problem. We took it to Randy(the mechanic) and he replaced the battery and put a new fuel pump in, he was kind enough to have it driven to my house and I jumped in to drop off the workers back at their shop…when the steering wheel broke, well we made it back and they fixed the steering wheel, we headed home (less than a mile) and the clutch stopped working, they fixed that the next day and we drove off and the fuel-engine problem arose again, they had my car almost all week! I am Suki to the mechanic shop! I am not paying any labor for these fixes, but I feel like I am putting somebody’s kids through college with all of the parts that I am buying! These unfortunate occurrences nudged me to purchase an additional vehicle. We still had the side car sitting in the driveway and all I needed was a motorcycle to have some sort of transportation if the car completely fails, so I bought the same version bike the previous pastor owns(his bike has already been shipped to him on the island of Cebu). It is described in the advertising as “A Real bike for Real Men” if that doesn’t get the testosterone flowing… It is a Honda XLR 200 dirt bike I found a used one with only about 600 miles on it. I now understand why the last pastor was so sold on them. They are great on gas, cheap to maintain, can go just about anywhere and a whole lot of fun!
I wish I could say the car problems were over, I am already building a list of gigs to take back to Randy, it is a good thing I am Suki!

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