Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Beginning of the Outstations (10/05)

This past week we went into two of the Barrangays (communities) and held open air services. I think they turned out good. We often invite and get commitments from people but they sometimes do not show, this time we were going to bring church to them. The first time we had 30+ people and many prayed, the next time, we walked through the streets playing the guitar, tambourine and singing and had 60+. We plan to do it again this week. We had one sister testify. She used to be a “Jueteng” (pronounced wetting) worker. Jueteng is an illegal numbers (gambling) game and she was the #1 collector for her area….then came Jesus and she gave her heart to God and gave all of that up. She is an older lady, full of energy and spunk and quite a soulwinner for God! Her life makes a difference in her barrangay.


Sis. Gonzales said...

Brother, once again I want to say thank you for these posts. It gives me a chance to see another country through your eyes. I may or may never go there, but through you I can at least imagine what it is like. Thank you and your wife for all of your labors.

Dave said...

Thank you for your prayers and for taking the time to read and post. Knowing there are others in America reading and praying (and commenting)is an encouragement to us. God bless you.

MTickler said...

Good news from a far country, that's what I read! God bless your efforts there in the P.I. and the souls being reached there. And thank you, for taking time to record your journal and place it up on the web for us to read.
Br. Tickler
p.s. what are you drinking for coffee?

Dave said...

Well the coffee we are drinking now is called Barako. A brother has family in a province called Batangas and when he goes there he brings back some good beans for us. When that is gone, I sometimes revert to instant....I almost seems like I am compromising...necessity!