Friday, May 26, 2006

Getting to name church members

I found out that Rev. Gaudario is the original Adam. Of course you know Adam named the animals in the garden of Eden. Rev. Gaudario gets to name some of the people that come to our church.

When the Koreans come here, their names are not very user friendly. Three examples in our congregation (the spelling may be off, but the pronunciation is true…
1. Ra Min (Chicken or Beef you may ask….)
2. Har Em (Yes it is a girl)
3. Hy Min
Well with these names having less than wonderful English meaning, they often choose an English name to go by while they are in the Philippines. One girl chose Nana. Well that is fine, but when she began telling the Philippino kids in church her name, they all started to giggle, she asked Rev. Gaudario why and she found out her name means “pus” in Tagalog. She started to panic and asked for names right then, he began giving her bible names and she liked “Leah”, so that is what we call her now. I dare not tell her that Leah was tender-eyed (ugly) in the bible!
Another man was asking for names and Rev. Gaudario gave him John. That is what we call him today. One Sunday, a Korean girl that has attended the church for years, plays the piano for us and sings, left during the last part of the service. We have known her as Jen the whole time she has been here. Her fiancĂ© came and told us he was going to take Sophia to the hospital. I thought that maybe they had brought someone else with them to church, but wondered why I didn’t see the other girl. Later the mystery was revealed to me, Jen didn’t like her English name and decided to change it to Sophia! This after several years of being known as Jen!

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