Sunday, May 21, 2006

Househelp (10/05)

Well, we have a helper now. Her name is Jenifer (her spelling I believe) and her nickname is Inday. She has been a real blessing. I did some research to find out what the responsibilities of an employer to the househelp were. I found out the minimum wage was 800 pesos a month (about $16)(We pay ours much more than that!) if they live in Metro Manila and about 650 ($13) in certain other cities and 550 ($10) a month in all the rest. A day off a week is required but rarely given to most househelpers. We are to provide food and lodging and necessary medical attention. Househelp here is a real blessing. She gets up around 6am and sweeps the yard and street, makes breakfast, washes the car, irons and does laundry and cooks dinner along with any other cleaning that may need done around the house. We treat ours like family, which means she does all of that and we don’t pay her! just kidding. We take really good care of her and she seems to be quite happy here. I remember one lady we met while inviting people to church and she said “I like working for Americans, they eat good!”.

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