Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Well, yesterday was a little frustrating being in the Philippines. My wife, as you know by now, is pregnant. The baby, and the belly are growing. It was time for a trip to the store to find some stylish maternity clothes. In one of the earlier posts, we shared they had just built a new mall in the area and so it was stop one. There must be 100 stores in this place, it is huge! and the clothes are all small! My wife and I have never before felt like Goliath and his Amazon wife, until we came here. Once, when my shoe needed repaired, I happened upon a shoe place and pulled off my shoe and placed it on the counter asking if they had some soles for this size shoe. The lady just laughed...To them, I am the original "Big Foot"....well back to the maternity clothes....we did find a maternity section in the one department store, but many of the clothes there, looked like they were meant for attracting the same type of activity that got them into the maternity section to begin with! Spaghetti strap numbers with short hem lines...etc. After ruling out their maternity section, we tried the ladies section looking for a skirt or dress there. Again, short, short, short. I asked the lady, "Do you have anything that would fit my wife?" She looked at her, and chuckled and said "For Ma’am?, No Sir." I told her "She is pregnant! Are there any maternity stores in this place?" She replied "Right outside of this store, there is a place called Tubby." Well out we went, and searched and didn't find. We began to think that the lady was just being rude. I mean really, a store named “Tubby”! My wife remembered receiving an advertisement that showed a store with maternity clothes, so off we went to stop number two. Upon arriving, I again asked if they had any stores for maternity clothes. The first lady said yes, a place called "Tubby". Ah Ha! There is such a store! We sought and found said merchandiser, it was not a store for maternity clothes, but plus size women...!!! Although, I tend to think, that such a name in America would never fly. Alas, no clothes suitable for Mommy and the little Devonshire within. Not to worry, we will just have to have something made. I include the picture from my phone, bad quality, but I wanted you to see this is real! What think ye? Would "Tubby" make it in America with that name?


Anonymous said...

Me think's not. Not without a big girl riot! :-)

Curt Waltermire said...


I realize that the appearance of a post from me may be somewhat unwelcome, but I just wanted to sincerely congratulate you about the baby on the way. If I'm not mistaken, that has been a desire of Christine's for a long time, and I'm glad that it has finally come to pass (and I assume you are too!). I was a little choked up thinking about it today, don't ask me why.

God bless you in your labors for Him.

Curt Waltermire

David and Christine Devonshire said...

Yes we are excited about the baby! I am glad to hear from you, and your posts are always welcome.