Sunday, May 14, 2006

More communication gaps.....

Now the frustrating part…The culture here is built around not shaming or
embarrassing anyone, to the point that they will often agree with you to
be agreeable, but have no intentions of really doing what they are
agreeing to. ie. I was ordering at KFC (which by the way does not stand
for Kentucky Fried Chicken although it is the same franchise, but Kapag
Fried Chicken! (which means whenever)) I asked if I could substitute
French fries for the ball of rice they were going to give, and he said
yes. He asked If I would like to upsize my drinks and I said yes, when
the order came, there were no fries and regular size drinks. I asked
about the fries and he said we can not do that! After just telling me he
could…It made me wonder how many times that happens in more serious
conversational exchanges. I talked with my interpreter and he shared it
is sometimes difficult to differentiate between can and can’t when the
preacher is preaching. It made me think what the people have been hearing.
I preach: “You can’t get drunk and go to heaven!”
They hear: “You can get drunk and go to heaven!”
Attendance is growing quickly…(grin)

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