Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why the SUV's?

Recently I was able to answer a couple of questions I had. Why do so many people have SUVs here? We pondered the question when looking for a vehicle, but settled on a small four door that would be good on gas. We were on our way to Manila to talk to the lawyer handling our missionary visa. The rain started coming down heavy. Water quickly filled the streets…and kept rising…and rising….and rising. We had to turn off of the road we needed and we were warned by the trike drivers that the water was too deep. The only problem was, we needed that road. We tried a couple blocks farther down and ended up behind a Ford Festiva. I though if he can make it so can I. I watched as the water rose above his tailpipe and to his bumper…I admit to being a little worried at this point. I was gunning the engine to keep it going forward, but even in the storms there was traffic. My wife noticed one lady wading through the water and said the water was up to her thighs…Well, by the grace of God we made it through…Now I know why so many have SUVs.

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