Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sports in the Philippines

Perhaps you would like to experience some of the sports here in the Philippines. The Philippinos are a very friendly people, and naturally smaller physically, so vicious games of bone-jarring football are not the norm. What you do see, are lots of little basketball hoops, (sans net) sand lot courts and fellows driving to the hoop. One brother here told me that in the Philippines there isn’t always an open area to play football and soccer but a hoop can be placed anywhere. I guess the sport that really caught my attention was badminton. (is that a sport?) well… The sports pages cover it, and they manage to take pictures of the athletes with a grimace on their face as if they are striving against a 300lb middle is an Olympic sport, (I had to double check that to be sure) and kids are playing it in the barrios, (it’s cheap!)

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