Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Philippino Resourcefulness

I am pleasantly surprised by the resourcefulness of the people here. I had a flat tire recently and took my car to a “Vulcanizing Shop” where they make Star Trek characters, I mean where they fix flats. They did not have a machine to remove the tire from the rim, but they had crafted a lever welded with rebar that accomplished the task. The hole was patched with a strip of rubber and glue and a literal iron, the same type you would use for ironing clothes only the outer casing was removed. Another lever and latch to hold it in place till it cured, and all told, in about an hour and a half, and approx. $2, the tire was fixed.


twocans said...

Hi brother & Sister!
Just saw your blog...I, we, can totally relate! The Philippines will always hold a part of my heart!...We still get to utilize some of our Cebuano once in awhile with some Filipino workers at Walmart! :)

Dave said...

Once you have been here it really changes your way of thinking, and the Philippino smile and affable manner are very endearing. I thank God for being able to be here!