Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Great Flood is Coming

Monday, November 07, 2005
A couple of funny things have happened recently. We were visiting a lady named Ame (pronounced Amay). She is very pregnant and having some complications so she is basically housebound. We went to check in on her and she pulled out some chairs and began to tell us her story. She is 41 now and this is her eighth pregnancy. When she was 25 (I think) she had her second baby and the doctor told her she had cancer and would not be able to have any more babies. She went to visit her relatives and there happened to be a faith healer staying in the next house. She told the healer her story and the healer rubbed her belly. She became pregnant. She was concerned that the baby would be somehow deformed because of the cancer and so went to the doctor and the doctor told her she was healed. She had the baby, and shortly thereafter was pregnant again. As she told us the story in her thickly accented English, it became increasingly humorous…”What is this? It can’t be!” She was obviously stunned and not so pleased to be expecting her fourth without a break. Life continued and she had her fifth, sixth and seventh. She went back to the healer and asked the person to stop this…”I can not.” Was his reply. When she delivered one of the children she was due to have a tubal ligation, but she delivered in a Catholic hospital and they didn’t agree to it. She tried to convince her husband to have a vasectomy “I have been pregnant for eight years! After all I have suffered, you’d think he could sacrifice for 15 minutes!” but no….. When she went to the field and told her husband she was pregnant with this one, he fell on his knees, kissed the ground and said (loosely translated) “Oh the great flood is coming!” meaning the end of the world. The way she told us the story, we three were all laughing hysterically and I was wiping away tears.

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